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The walking dead threat is over, but their decaying corpses still remain, littering an already blighted world.

But even with the dead gone, the world is still a shattered place, where people still struggle to survive day to day, killing for a hunk of stale bread or a spoonful of water.

Henry Watson and his band of fellow survivalists, make their way through this decaying world, still hoping to find someplace safe.

After ending up in Alaska after using a new form of transportation, the companions quickly find danger in the form of a Russian army, led by a ruthless leader who will do anything to achieve his goals.

The ragged army of Soviet soldiers is using the Bering Strait to cross into America, their intent to use Alaska as a staging ground for a coming invasion, and only Henry and his friends have any hope of stopping them.

In a world that should not exist, the fight to survive is never-ending.

EAN: 9781611999921
One in a thousand will be saved. Are you on the list?

Dr. Darian Leigh is missing, presumed dead, and the “Eater” microverse he created is about to destroy Earth. His protégés, Kathy Liang and Greg Mahajani, race to solve the mysterious anomaly. If they can’t figure it out, they’ll need to convince world leaders to colonize the asteroid belt and save as many people as they can. Will Alum, ruthless leader of the powerful YTG church, use his resources to help, or will he exploit the growing chaos to launch his reign as the Living God? There isn’t much time and they can’t save everyone.

EAN: 9780995844223
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